Australia Closing in on Overdue Victory Despite Shami Heroics. After Australia’s Nathan Lyon scandal stole the ball after claiming the opening bid for Indian captain Virat Kohli in his second test in Perth, Australia is likely to win his first test game.

Hanuma Vihari was 24 and Rishabh Pant was 9

Since Australia beat South Africa in St. George’s Park in March, it still needs 175 to raise Australia’s level in the 4th test series and win Australia’s only five wickets to win the first test win. It was during the next test at Newlands that Cameron Bancroft was caught using sandpaper to change the ball.

Australia ‘s Garrett Keeper avoided Murali Vijay’ s strike, scoring in the fifth test that followed Steve Smith with shameful remarks. Murali, I know he’s your claim, but you can not really think of him like a guy,” Paine said in a commentary by Mike. Only two overalls, Vijay, bore the inside edge by Lyon and scored two goals for 30 minutes and returned to the pavilion.

The pair of Wickets continued the fine match for Lyon, who picked up five in India’s first inning to move to the top 25 full-time test wicket-takers currently at 333. Shami, who scored 51 points in Australia in the last six games and outnumbered 243, was in the sixth-to-sixth position, and India had to chase it just before the game.

Opener K.L. Rahul did not survive long and fell to the fourth ball against Mitchell Starc’s duck. Rahul tried to pull the bat out and succeeded in bringing the inner end into his lump. Cheteshwar Pujara then sent a short delivery from Josh Hazlewood in four minutes. India dropped to 13 points in two minutes.

Across the two teams, 68 jars dropped in lunch and on the train. The bats seemed very difficult due to the bounce. Pat Cummins, 8th place in Australia, was the main victim of gremlins after lunch. The home team resumed from 190 to 4 at lunchtime, but Shami rose sharply after defeating Kawasaki with 72 points and Payne (37 points) with 37 points.


Australia (first inning) 326 (Harris 70, Thomas Head 58, Es Marsh 45, I. Charma 4-41). 1st Innings 283 (V. Kohli 123, A.M. Rahane 51, N. M. Lyon 5-67). Australia (2nd inning, 132-4 overnight): M. S. Harris b Burma 20
A.J. Pinch c shorts b shamy 25
U.T. Khawaja c Pant b Shami 72
S.E. Wetland c pants b shami 5
P.S.P. Handsfree lbw b Sharma 13
T.M. Head c Shama b shamisu 19
T.D. Paine c Kohli b Shami 37
P.J. Cummins b Bumrah 1
M.A. Starc B Bumrah 14
N.M. Lyon c Vihari b Shami 5
J.R. Hezlewood, out 17
Extras (B-8, LB-3, W-4) 15
Total (all out, 93.2{ab0117793a6b3664ba839e4e7fd0cf0a9ce5566aa035f20f5308858bd5e19ab4}) 243
Fall of WKTS: 1-59, 2-64, 3-85, 4-120, 5-192, 6-192, 7-198, 8-198, 9-207. Note: Finch retired from 33-0 and resumed at 192-5.
BOWLING: Sharma 16-1-45-1; Bumrah 25.2-10-39-3; Mohammed Shamis 24-8-56-6 (2w); Yadav 14-0-61-0 (2w); Vihari 14-4-31-0. India (2 innings): K.L. Rahul b Starc 0
M. Vijay b Lyon 20
C.A. Pujara C Paine b Hazlewood 4
V. Kohli c Khawaja b Lyon 17
morning. Lahan c Head b Hazel Wood 30
G.H. The Bihari 24 did not come out.
R.R. Pant not out 9
Extra (B-6, W-2) 8
TOTAL (5 weeks, 41 weeks) 112
Fall of WKTS: 1-0, 2-13, 3-48, 4-55, 5-98. Bowling (latest): Starc 10-2-28-1 (1w); Hazelwood 11-3-24-2; Cummins 8-0-24-0 (1 w); Lyon 12-2-30-2.


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