Messi Bags Hit 50 Goal Mark in 2018

Messi Bags Hit 50 Goal Mark in 2018 Lionel Messi (20-18), the 43rd hat-trick in Barcelona, ​​scored 50 goals for the club and the national team. Messi scored three goals ahead of La Liga’s Sevilla and Atletico Madrid, winning 5-1 at Barcelona.

Barcelona scored the only goal in the league when Levante screamed 5-4 in the final second round of the match missed by Messi. Levante showed a promising start but Barcelona made the game and Emmanuel Boateng made a scoring chance with a 33rd crossbar.

Barcelona dribbled across the box to pick three defenders and Messi struck Suárez home. Messi intercepted the pass in the midfield and made it 2-0 before half-time when Sergio Busquets hit the solo brakes. Messi scored his 47th goal when Suárez got the ball back to Jordi Alba. Suárez made a dummy run to drive Alba’s pass to Messi with a left-footed shot.

Suarez also scored Messi’s third goal at age 60

Before he met Arturo Vidal, he walked through the bridge of Kabako. Arturo Vidal meets Messi alone. It’s fantastic. Beyond excellent grades, we can always feel that our team wants more and is connected to fans,” said Sevilla coach Pablo Machin. “This connection gives us a bonus and makes us very competitive.

In other matches, Real Betis lost 3-1 to Espanyol in a 5-0 win over Real Madrid. Ueska finally made Samuele Longo’s last goal with 10 Villarreal and 2-2 draws.


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