So if I want to leave the post and make a strong outfit for the future, the Federation has suggested that I hire a foreign national coach.” After the meeting, the PHF chairman retired from Britkarid Sajidokka here on Monday.

The green shirt was unable to win even a single match and fell in the crossover stage, scouring 5-0 in Belgium. Belgium won the maiden world title in the final against the Netherlands in the final at the Kalinga Stadium on Sunday in Bhubaneswar. Hassan said that former Pakistani national team coach Roelant Oltmans made a very useful contribution to the team.

Ironically the Dutch national team

Ironically the Dutch national team was exited two or three months before the World Cup and Australian trainer followed suit. .

I still believe that Pakistan needs a foreign coach because today’s hockey unfortunately involves a higher level of coaching that is not currently available in this country. There was some news coverage that sensed that the PHF was having trouble paying a huge salary to Oltmans and that the Dutch coach had left the team in Malaysia camp before the World Cup.

The 64-year-old Oltmans, however, has not made a significant impetus for Malaysia, who had been kicked out of the World Cup in the preliminary stages. Asked if he was satisfied with his tenure at the PHF, Hassan said, “No one can be satisfied, because even the second place in the World Cup [the Netherlands] is not satisfied and can only be Belgium.

Hassan was saddened by the fact that the team missed the chance to play in Pakistan. In the World Cup, Pakistan did not see the goal and could not change the opportunity,” he said. “Our striker missed many opportunities to score because no one can win because there is no way to score a half-chance.”

After Tauqir’s inauguration as a coach in a worldwide event, the PHF seems to be in a decisive corner about appointing a new team manager ahead of the Pro Hockey League starting in February next year.


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