The relationship between Jose Mourinho and Manchester United reached the point of an irreparable collapse a long time ago, but the world ‘s largest club released the game’ s most famous bishop and submitted a divorce papers Tuesday. Manchester United had the worst game in 28 years, and Mourinho had their own aftereffects, and Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat was too intense.

United, the biggest fish in decades at the British football pond

Began talking about the fact that a new fund at the end of the game allowed Chelsea and Manchester City to replace them in terms of power and trophy accumulation. However, before Sir Alex Ferguson finally “knocked out the basketball players,” United’s shadowy Liverpool set sideways Sunday as the average middleweight team they had prepared. It was the end of the line for Portuguese players. coach.

Manchester United have announced that José Mourinho has left the club immediately. Following Sunday’s defeat, Juergen Klopp’s victory with Liverpool came in sixth with 19 points and 11 points behind the Champions League. Their 29 goals are the worst of the season for 56 years. The current crop of United fans and officials who have been successful during Alex Ferguson’s 26-year reign is unacceptable.

Mourinho has won the Europa League and League Cups in his first season after replacing Dutch national team coach Luis van Gaal in May 2016, defeating United 2-0 in the FA Cup final and his second Chelsea. His record of 58.33 is much better than David Moyes (52.94) and Van Gaal (52.43) and is slightly behind Ferguson’s 59.67.

However, the figure hid the fact that he was poorer than the other six teams, and his tactical approach alienated everyone in the club. The Premier League’s overall Premier League point has been 176 since Manchester United lagged behind City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea during the same period.

Every time he defeated he found a new way to blame the players, recalling his criticism of his success in Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid. If he failed during the victory of Manchester United’s customs, he would have survived a little longer. But while City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur were regaining their liveliness, Mourinho became a pioneer of “bus parking”. Chelsea team.

Mourinho has historically suffered three consecutive seasons in his club, and so has United. The tie with World Cup winning midfielder Paul Pogba influenced United’s $ 116 million record and Mourinho’s reign. Mourinho questioned the attitude of the players with public criticism of tactics and kicked his heels on the bench on Sunday against Liverpool.

Pogba, who has not started United in the last three games, has written his photo with Instagram’s “Caption this!” Posted just after Mourinho’s announcement. It was quickly deleted. Mourinho also complained that United’s board was reluctant to sign an off-season center defender.

Mourinho had the same time as United in Chelsea

He was fired for Christmas in three seasons, accusing the players of “betraying” them. The Portuguese coach, who signed a new contract with United in January until June 2020, is expected to receive £ 24 million ($ 30 million) in compensation. Mourinho Tottenham’s substitute manager Mauricio Pochettino is popular with British bookmakers.

On the other hand, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane will take on the current squad for the Champions League. Bridges are in February and March. More importantly, the interim boss must defeat Chelsea 4th in the race to qualify for the Champions League and must demand a minimum requirement for a big team like United at the start of the season.

“We are confident that we are in the sixth place, but we are the fourth place we can get,” he said in a final public commentary by Mujiriya as United manager. Blame other managers you have. Eventually, the old magic that recorded Mourinho as one of the greatest coaches of his generation disappeared.

Coach Michael Carrick will be in charge of training until the manager coach is announced. MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) – Manchester United beat Cardiff City in the 17th in a row against Cardiff City in the 17th in the league since 1990-91.


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