The Top Sports Stories of the Year if the championship trophy is not high, 2018 can not be 2017 and it will be a modern benchmark for Pakistani sports fans in the near future. But the beauty of sports is that you can still have a share of thrills and spills, even if your team does not do well.

The Top 11 Sports Stories of the Year 2018

In front of it, 2018 was never disappointed. As a Pakistani sports fan prepares for the Cricket World Cup in 2019, We look back on the moments of the moment. I did my best by the end.

11. Fakhar Zaman is the first time that Pakistan breaks ODI 2nd century.

It was not surprising that ODI’s exclusive club in the second century did not have any Pakistan because the cricket players in Pakistan were not known for hitting. It was changed on July 20 when Fakhar Zaman ruthlessly pounded fifty pounds of Zimbabwe bowling players.

10. Korea meets at the Winter Olympics.

North and South Korean players march under a unified flag. – AFP
“You have to break the crazy enemy’s backs, cut off their gasoline completely, and therefore show clearly what the real war is.” – Kim Jong Il in 2013. They argue that sports and politics should not be mixed. They can not go wrong anymore. At the 2018 Winter Olympics in February, sports and politics were constantly perfected and the two nations marched beneath the unified banner of a nuclear war in which both nations were unable to make a nuclear war.

Hell, they even put the joint women’s team in the field at the ice hockey event. The Winter Olympics disbanded the frosty relationship between North Korea and the United States as well as South Korea, and culminated in the historic Trump-Kim summit in June. In the midst of this historic reunion, the 2018 Winter Olympics are proof of the power of the sport that we will not forget.

9. Asian Cup vs. Failure

The Indian team is celebrating the match against Pakistan in the Asian Cup. – AFP, Strong confidence in the Pakistani cricket team threatened weak opponents by the summer of 2018. There was a story about oral training, not just winning the Asian Cup. Some thought it was a team that could win the World Cup next year.

The six – team tournament in September blew up the bubble.

When fighting against a better team, Sarfraz Ahmed’s out-of-kind man was exposed: first India, almost Afghanistan and eventually Bangladesh. It turned out that the World Cup prospect is the third best player in Asia.

8. Canelo has a flaw in the undefeated record of the GGG.

Canelo and GGG are playing in the second of two matches. – AFP
Robfield lost for the first time in his professional career with Kabul Tani boxer Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and his maiden defeat came against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez of Mexico.

7. The serenity of the Serena overwhelms Osaka’s big win.

After the US Open, Osaka stands side by side with the angry Serena. – AFP
In 2018, the great Roger Federer took another slam, but he always won Slam. Rafael Nadal won the French Open but he always won the French Open. Novak Djokovic has removed the rest, but it has not been there before. This year’s new is that Naomi Osaka became Japan’s first tennis player to win the Grand Slam at the US Open.

Her large, rather historical moments were almost completely obscured by the terrible nature of the great Serena Williams. The merits of Osaka and the combo of Williams match the gist of the tennis calendar.

6. Yasir Shah breaks 82-year world record

Yasir Shah celebrates the wicket against New Zealand in this series. – AFP
The only defeat for New Zealand, where Pakistan lost 2-1, was Yassir Shah. Leg-spinner picked 29 wickets in the third inning series, averaging about five in every innings.

The decoration on the cake broke the world record of 82 by becoming the fastest bowler on his 200 test scalp. Every world record is special, but it is worth mentioning in this year’s review list when it is a World War II record before it was destroyed.

5. Real Madrid 3 – Peat

Welsh winger Gares Bales in action during the 2017-18 Champions League Final. – AFP, Most European football clubs will throw out everything, including the Jamshil kitchen sink, and reach out to the coveted UEFA Champions League only once. To do two consecutive times they will do something dirty and unimaginable. We are talking about real dark art here. To do a hat-trick for the Champions League title … It’s just a crazy story, is not it?

4. Ball-tampering scandal sees Australia going to a limp while loaded.

Cameron Bancroft is one of three Australian athletes forbidden by the scandal to operate the ball. – AFP, International cricket matches are usually shot and broadcast with about 30 cameras, including the Ultramotion camera, which can slow down everything from crawling. In a test game against South Africa in March, three Australian cricket players thought they could escape by manipulating the ball with sandpaper. Of course, I was not noticed.

The short stories, Bancroft, Warner and Smith, were so badly exposed that they had to confess that cricket Australia had to be banned throughout the year. Australia was the biggest scandal in the sport this year as the order of the cricket game changed, from the load of Australia to the arms and legs.

3. Khabib annihilates McGregor in a clash of cultures.

Khabib and McGregor are ready to take part in their UFC fight. – AFP
Fighting, hostility, even mere confrontation before battle is a way to allow fighting in combat sports. However, when the ticket is sold and the business is completed, everything is forgotten. We saw what happened in Ali-Frazier and Lewis-Tyson. So I thought the same thing would happen when Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor collided in October of this year.

The rumor of this fight was so great that even those who had no idea about mixed martial arts could find out the names of McGregor and Khabib until that night.

2. PSL 2018 Finals in Karachi

Islamabad United celebrates the second PSL title acquisition. – AFP, The Pakistani Super League is on stage every year, but nothing new. However, the 2018 T20 League final was held for the first time in Karachi. The largest city in the country hosted all the clashes with the winner in style. Many spectators at the national stadium have witnessed Islamabad United winning Peshawar Zalmi the second PSL title.

1.French Soccer World Champion

Germany could not get out of their group. Portugal, Argentina and Spain fell in the 16th round. Brazil entered the quarter-finals. The last four countries were England, Croatia, Belgium and France, and the latter was a traditional heavyweight. But in the final, Levenson defeated Croatia 4-2 and put up the second World Cup trophy. What a sight it was!


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