The world title fight match Manny pacquiao Vs Adrien Broner


The match between Manny pacquiao Vs Adrien Broner made a great treat to all boxing lovers, winning all series of test matches Manny pacquiao and Adrien Broner reached final round. In the final round is conducted as a stage of fire where Manny Pacquiao delivered a full determination fight which made a victory against Adrien Broner in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao aged 40 has made this victory by having quick action and control over the game at each round which made broner aged 29 to lose the game. The round from seven till nine was curious which made the people pressurized by guessing what would be the result of match.

The round wise view in the match:

The control maintained by Manny pacquiao in final round alone does not lead him to the victory, the control over all rounds made him to win the match. Here is the round wise approaches of both players are listed below.

  • Round 1: initially Pacquiao start the game, he rushes towards Broner but he covers up. The next gain took by broner, he try to set his feet in and out of pacquiao buzzes. The round takes off on 05:49 minutes with uppercut from broner in last 40 seconds.
  • Round 2: this round lasts for 05:53 minutes where Pacquiao takes charge again from broner.
  • Round 3:  Pacquiao makes impressive punches in first two rounds at the stage of 40 he lands with great force on broner. The game continue for 05:57 minutes
  • Round 4: here broner leads the round with early right were Pacquiao do quick offense but broner stay out this time, this round is quite challenging which continued for 06:01 minutes.
  • Round 5: Pacquiao opens the round and fight with same intensity which made broner to have joy. This round took about 06:05 minutes.
  • Round 6 to 7: on round 6 pacquiao land right were on seventh round the match enters the second half which created more pressure to the audience too. Pacquiao done well in all five rounds with 333 points were as Broner is 166 since he do not throw much punches against Pacquiao. Again and again Pacquiao pins his mark in the end of the session, the match takes 06:13 minutes to complete.
  • Round 8 to 10: Broner try to show his hands against pacquiao but within quite session pacquiao again pops out which made broner to get hurt in the center of the ring. Finally pacquiao comes with late finish at end of the rounds all three rounds take 06:15 minutes each.
  • Round 11 and 12: these rounds are more interesting where pacquiao made unanimous decisions to beat broner. Pacquiao continue land twice punches on broner which made the round to end session after 06:29 minutes.

At the end of all three rounds the scores remains favour to pacquiao 117-111, 116-112, and 116-112. All three judges awarded pacquiao fight against broner which made the entire match more interesting.


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