As the rapid electrification of the automotive industry trends and Formula E sets itself with the establishment of the long range race cars and the group  of the best manufacturer support, Formula One is now starting to have the little bit of the identity problem. There are several attempts to refashion this type of gaming b switching to the hybrid power units of turbo-charged V6 which are available in the year 2014. There were lots of fans for this kind of the motor cars and now it has again become the best trend and sounds good today. Formula One has been the world’s most famous type of the motorsport which is continuously getting the lots of the technological progress in order to modernize everything for the fans.

While Formula One tries to solve such kinds of the problem within the time for the rules change for 2021, McLaren who is the best rider in F1 applied the latest technologies division. Thus, it has as well as been evaluating the future of the Formula One and it is also changing the actual image for what the F1 sport could become by the longer year of 2050.

That particular year will be marked as the hundredth anniversary of this sport. If McLaren is perfectly right, it will definitely tolerate the little similarity to the F1 game which has already been knew as the Juan Manuel Fangio in the year 1950. The car in 2050 will be called as MCLExtreme and it might still be the human controlled and open wheeled car. But at the same time, such Formula One sports car in the future would also be powered by the electric motors which would explode it to over 300 mph. Such kinds of the excessive speeds would need the drivers to put on the G-Suit like such worn by the fighter pilots so the massive g-forces will not knock them out the middle corner.

Some kinds of the technological developments in the sporting industry would make a lot of changes in the basics and important things of this Formula One sport. There might be the self repairing tires which will do everything better from the punctures to everyone. Thus, it can result from wheel to wheel battles as the AI (Artificial Intelligence) co-pilot might make the redundant of the pitwall engineers.

Such kinds of the modernized cars might also feature the best and active aero with the side pods intensifying and contracting when desired. According to the hopes and needs of the fans, and based on the latest survey by McLaren, the fans require the most direct contact with their icons and the car will also modify the colors in order to reflect the mood of the driver during the Formula One sporting event.

McLaren trusts that the faster cars will need the longer circuits running through the rural and urban areas. Its proposed Italian GP in the year 2050 might run from the city center of the Milan to the legendary banking located at Monza.


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