Indian national team captain Virat Kohli faced strict criticism at down under and home on Wednesday, which suffered overwhelming losses to Australia in his second test. Former Australian Michel Johnson called Kohli “rude” and “idiot” in a heated exchange with fellow captain Tim Paine during the Perth test. Former India ‘s great Sunil Gavaskar was out of the “Choice Mistakes.

Indian Express confessed Kohli’ s “lack of confidence” to several athletes on a daily basis. Colley and Payne called on the referee to intervene in a 1-1 draw with Australia winning 1-4 in 146 games on Tuesday. Kohli reported that Paine was just a “stand-in captain”. This is an allegation argued by the team management in India.

“At the end of the game, you should be able to see each other in the snow, waving your hands, and doing a great contest,” wrote Fox Sports column. “Virat Kohli could barely keep an eye on him with Tim Paine, shaking the hands of the Australian captain, which is rude to me. Kohli is far more than most cricket players simply because he is Virat Kohli, and he is placed on a pedestal, but this test has left Indian claims stupid. After the game Paine and Kohli ran a sled in the field.

Which was picked up by a stubble microphone? Kohli described it as a simple joke, a part of test cricket and a package. Without an oath, the line will not fall, and there is no personal attack,” he said. He said that what he said in Perth was nothing compared to his trip to Australia in 2014 and that he was “a naughty boy.” But Johnson ‘s spokesman turned Coal’ s action into a ridiculous claim to his own precedent.

He insisted that he was a changed person and had no plans to start any confrontation. What we have seen on this test is different,” he said. “Much has changed in my experience with him and what I see now as an observer, it was disappointing and not the only area he left himself. Johnson and Collie have history. In 2014 in Melbourne, Johnson threw a ball that hit Corey, creating a heated debate.

Small confidence For Kholi

Gavaskar said the role of Kohli and Ravi Shastri should be evaluated when India fails in the last two matches at Mellie and Sydney. He said, “If I picked the wrong player since I traveled to South Africa earlier this year, I said,” I lost a match that I might have won. If India can not win in the next two games, the starter needs to think whether the captain, coach and support staff are getting much of the benefit.

Gavaskar told the Aaj Tak TV news network. Indian Express is not the biggest bone choice in Perth, but Colley said, “Some of his teammates are not confident. This is a prophecy that makes me stubborn, and I can not think that I can do it anymore,” the newspaper said. It mentioned the non-selection of Ravindra Jadeja and Kohli.

He said his fellow Spinner Ravichandran Ashwin probably would not have played if he was fit. Kohli (Nathan of Australia) appreciates Lyon very much, but wonders how Ashwin and Jadeja think about the captain’s evaluation. India can still win the series, but Colley must retreat his players.”


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