Conor McGregor tweet in the social media about retirement from MMA

The The face of the fight game Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish retired professional boxer and MMA Fighter, he is also the former ultimate fighting championship, lightweight and featherweight champion. McGregor started his career in the year 2008 and in the 2012 he won the cage warriors for both lightweight and featherweight championship. He has participated in many tournaments and championships both in the UFC light and featherweight championship and won the match in knockout of thirteen seconds into the first round. This is the fastest victory in the UFC title championship fight history. McGregor started his professional boxing career in the year 2017 and in his first boxing competition, he was beaten by the Floyd Mayweather junior, he won in many matches of the MMA and boxing where achieved many titles in the light and featherweight boxing. McGregor was a famous light and feather weight MMA member where he has also been shined and became popular in the boxing field and started his career in both of the fields. He has fought with many boxers and created a record break point and knockouts in the boxing and his weight lifting record has made him to be more popular person, but due to his criminal offense and sexual assault he has received a bad comments and name in the MMA.

Conor McGregor tweet that has appeared to be retirement announced given Monday night said that McGregor decided to retire from the sport formally known as the mixed martial art. McGregor is of about 30 and he has been tied to a potential fight with the Donald Cerrone in the month of July but the Cerrone was booked in the last week against the A1 Iaquinta for a card in May. McGregor is the former two division UFC champion and he has drawn a big history in the UFC championship tournaments like feather and light weight tournaments.

  • McGregor was suspended and was fined by the NAC (National athletic commission) after the fight with the Khabib Nurmagomedov for his role in the post bout melee but he would be eligible to complete the match again.
  • Earlier days the McGregor was been arrested in the Miami for the allegedly smashing thee phone of the person who was trying to take photo of McGregor outside the hotel and this same person sued McGregor in other issues.
  • After the tournament of the show with the Jimmy Fallon on Monday night and this made no overtures about the retirement, after the discussion he fought with the Jimmy on this year summer.
  • As his name has been contained in the main of the issues and he also had met many of the fight with the public people so this created an issue for his weight lifting and boxing career.

On 2016 the McGregor has tweeted on the twitter social media has fired off with famous tweet where he has given the retirement. His retirement tweet become more popular by steeping away from the Octagon after the UFC light and featherweight lifting and boxing pulled him from the UFC championship.