The cricket council of the United States recently announces the extraordinary women’s player team in order to compete at Women’s ICC T20 World Cup. All the team members who are all present in this team are well skilled, trained, practiced and talented persons with the huge years of experience. So, they will definitely strive to get the world cup for their country.

Information about the players in the women’s team:

There are over 14 players selected to compete and play in the women’s ICC Cricket World cup qualifier Americas which is schedule to be held from 17 to 19 May, 2019. The venue for this women’s cricket game would be at Broward Cricket Stadium, Lauderhill in Florida. The name of those 14 women’s players from USA in this squad would be,

  • Claudine Beckford (MO)
  • Candacy Atkins (CT)
  • Sara Farooq (NJ)
  • Shebani Bhaskar (MA)
  • Nadia Gruny (FL)
  • Uzma Iftikhar (CA)
  • Mahika Kandanala (TX)
  • Sugetha Kalyanaraman (CA)
  • Lisa Ramjit (MD)
  • Geetika Kodali (CA)
  • Samantha Ramautar (NY)
  • Erica Rendler (CA)
  • Onika Wallerson (NJ)
  • Sindhu Sriharsha (CA)

Other than these 14 talented players, there are also three more non-travelling reserves available such as Akshatha Rao (CA), Zeenat Kauser (WA) and Sindhuja Reddy (CA). All of them are very talented and well practiced cricket players who have more years of experience in this field. Thus, they have been selected for the USA cricket team in order to compete in the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup competition.

This USA Team of players will play actually 3 different cricket matches against Canada and also a winner of this tournament will move on to the ICC T20 women’s world cup global qualifier scheduled to be held lateral months of this year 2019 actually in Scotland. It would be held from August 31 to September 7, 2019. At the same time, it is to be determined over 50 global qualifiers. At the same time, that squad of 14 women’s cricket players were narrowed down from the boot camp of the last week in San Jose, California where the biggest squad of 18 members met to focus on showcase their skills and also fitness.

Previous to the American’s ICC T20 Women’s World Cup qualifier tournament, this 14 player squad will actually come together in the April month for further practice matches and extra training against an Invitational XI. Wade Edwards who is in the USA Cricket team said that it is an unbelievably exciting years for the cricket in the United States where all the three national teams such as Men’s, Women’s and U19 cricket teams have a greater opportunity to advanced to the different types of the global events. He congratulated these 14 women’s players who have been selected for the ICC World Cup cricket tournament or event. Julia Price is the new women’s head coach of USA cricket who is looking forward to make all the preparations for these squad members to participate in the upcoming cricket tournament.