Let us rewind to August 16, 2017. Barcelona had recently lost to Real Madrid with 2-0 into the Super Copa second leg, as well as 5-1 on total. The response to the two games was poor; fans and intellectuals guaranteed this would be the Barcelona we would see all through the whole year after Neymar left. From that point forward, Barcelona have lost only two games in the whole campaign.

Football changes rapidly and every day. From the earliest starting point of the season, Barcelona were reliably questioned, however they appeared each week with the exception of one game. Did Ernesto Valverde surely commit some strategic errors against Roma? Indeed. Did Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez vanish at a basic time? Indeed. In any case, in a season where numerous people anticipated zero trophies and a series of 16 Champions League leave, Barcelona have refuted their doubters.

  • Initially, Barcelona have effectively reserved their spot in the Copa del Rey Final against Sevilla. As Sevilla appeared against European monsters Manchester United and Bayern Munich, they are a side to be figured with. Nevertheless, with Barcelona’s squad, they will be considered top picks to lift the trophy once more.
  • After the Super Copa, many chose that the title would lie in Madrid this year, regardless of whether it be Real or Atletico. With 31 games played up until now and just 7 remaining, Barcelona has an important lead over Atletico and a noteworthy lead over Real. Barcelona demonstrated that even without one of the world’s most noteworthy hotshots, Neymar, their class and want to refute us was there and still is.

Indeed, the thrashing against Roma was awful. Numerous players depicted it as the most exceedingly terrible loss of their careers and it may have been the last Champions League game of Andres Iniesta. Barcelona looked disconnected and just not capable of protecting their 4-1 lead.

Nevertheless, when seeing this campaign all in all, we have been allowed the chance to win two trophies, one more than Madrid get the opportunity to win. Generally, Valverde has astounded us with his strategies, Philippe Coutinho was marked, we are reserved in a last, and are in the lead position by 11-points. The game versus Roma was not extraordinary by any quantifiable variable, yet our campaign still can possibly be successful.

Messi on Ronaldo’s exit:

Donny van de Beek and Matthijs de Ligt were on focus for Ajax as they registered a triumph over the home side in Turin.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the main objective of the game however couldn’t oversee his side to the semifinals. This is the first run through a Champions League last four wouldn’t include Ronaldo since 2010.

Lionel Messi, who imparted one of the fiercest rivalries to Ronaldo amid the last’s time at Real Madrid, responded to the forward’s exit from the competition. He expressed that the elements of the Champions League are with the end goal that Juventus’ leave “lets you know everything.”

  • “That lets you know everything [about the competition],” said Messi.
  • “Any group is confounded, be it Porto or Liverpool [whom Barcelona will look in the final four].
  • “There happens to be the individuals who merit, the best, as well as everything will be muddled.”

Barcelona will either confront Porto or Liverpool in the semifinal of the Champions League. Both the sides will clash later today around evening time, with Jurgen Klopp’s side leading 2-0 on the total scoreline.