The NBA draft lottery is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, with a team expecting to land in a place of drafting young possible stars like Ja Morant, Zion Williamson, or RJ Barrett, in the middle of others.

Part of the fun of the lottery, however, are the personalities each franchise sends to represent it. Below, we’ll list every team’s Spokeperson and draft Chances for next Tuesday’s crucial event.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Lottery Chances: 14 percent

Spokeperson: Nick Gilbert, son of team owner

Lottery Winning would be immense for the Cavaliers, since they hope for adding a superstar alongside promising youthful point protect Collin Sexton, expert power forward Kevin Love and youthful job players Larry Nance Jr and Cedi Osman.

New York Knicks

Lottery Chances: 14 percent

Spokeperson: Patrick Ewing, former Knicks player

The Knicks will have Ewing, a Hall of Fame focus and Knicks legend, speaking to them at apparently the greatest lottery for the team since they won it in 1985 and drafted Ewing.

At stake is the chance to draft Zion Williamson or maybe trade the rights to a team like the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis. What’s more, Ewing will be there as New York would like to strike gold.

Atlanta Hawks

Lottery Chances: 10.5 percent

Spokeperson: Jami Gertz, ownership group

The Hawks are a team on the ascent, with Trae Young developing as a future star amid his newbie season and John Collins, Kevin Huerter and Taurean Prince shaping a promising supporting cast around him. The mix of Young and Williamson would be incredible theater and give the Hawks one of the league’s best youthful one-two punches.

Phoenix Suns

Lottery Chances: 14 percent

Spokeperson: DeAndre Ayton, current Suns player

The Suns have gone through a large portion of this decade in the lottery, however the future has all the earmarks of being splendid with a center of Devin Booker, Ayton, Kelly Oubre Jr., Josh Jackson and Mikal Bridges. Including another genuine star would be enormous, notwithstanding, as the Suns hope to climb out of the lottery for the last time.

Chicago Bulls

Lottery Chances: 12.5 percent

Spokeperson: Horace Grant, special adviser to the president and COO

The Bulls have a promising center worked around Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, Otto Porter Jr and Wendell Carter Jr.. The team comes up short on a genuine superstar, in any case, which would be cured on the off chance that it won the 2019 lottery.

New Orleans Pelicans

Lottery Chances: 6.0 percent

Spokeperson: Alvin Gentry, head coach

This offseason, everyone’s eyes will be on the Pelicans, who could finish up with the No. 1 pick paying little heed to the lottery relying upon how it shakes out. Davis will be on the move this summer, and the Pelicans will without a doubt enter a remake around youthful players.

Washington Wizards

Lottery Chances: 9.0 percent

Spokeperson: Raul Fernandez, vice chairman

The Wizards are a team at an intersection. On one hand, despite everything they have star shooting monitor Bradley Beal, while John Wall—who may not play next season in the wake of bursting his Achilles—is under contract through the 2021-22 season (with a player choice for the 2022-23 season). Then again, that couple still can’t seem to lead the Wizards past the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Dallas Mavericks

Lottery Chances: 6.0 percent

Spokeperson: CEO Cynthia Marshall

The Mavericks will trust the team’s CEO, Cynt Marshall, presents to them a touch of karma and moves them into a main three selection. In the event that the Mavericks stay at their present position or drop lower, this selection will go to the Hawks.

Adding a top prospect to go close by Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic would be immense for Dallas’ rebuilding endeavors.

Memphis Grizzlies

Lottery Chances: 6.0 percent

Spokeperson: Elliot Perry, minority owner

The Grizzlies might be fine losing their first-rounder this year, planning to strike it huge in the lottery in the seasons to come. Mike Conley Jr. will be a prime possibility to be traded to a veteran team as the need in Memphis movements to building around Jaren Jackson Jr.

Los Angeles Lakers

Lottery Chances: 2.0 percent

Spokeperson: Kyle Kuzma, current Lakers player

No team managed more dramatization last season than the Lakers in LeBron James’ first campaign with the team. Presently, finding a job player in the draft to support the King will be immense as the Lakers hope to improve their roster and come back to the postseason in 2019-20.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Lottery Chances: 3.0 percent

Spokeperson: Gersson Rosas, president of basketball operations

The Timberwolves will look add another strong player to work around Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns. The Wolves were one of the all the more disappointing teams in the NBA in 2018-19, even after the Jimmy Butler adventure that saw him get traded, as Wiggins and Towns presently can’t seem to demonstrate they can headline a battling team.

Miami Heat

Lottery Chances: 1.0 percent

Spokeperson: Alonzo Mourning, vice president, player programs

The Heat stay in NBA limbo, with enough talent to remain in the playoff chase each season however no evident stars to make them a contender. They’re unmistakably more probable now to modify through exchanges and free agency than the draft.

Charlotte Hornets

Lottery Chances: 1.0 percent

Spokeperson: James Borrego, head coach

The Hornets can be unable to find Kemba Walker for make them free organization this summer, thus modifying throughout the draft will be the key. They’re probably not going to win the lottery yet could in any case uncover a quality player in June.

Boston Celtics (From Sacramento)

Lottery Chances: n/a

Spokeperson: Rich Gotham, president

Boston will probably finish up with this select and could have double determinations into the lottery in the event that it likewise gets the Grizzlies’ selection. Those selection could be tremendous for a team which could see players like Al Horford and Kyrie Irving withdraw in free office, with Terry Rozier additionally a limited free specialist.

Philadelphia 76ers (From Sacramento)

Lottery Chances: 1.0 percent

Spokeperson: Chris Heck, president

The Sixers have the longest of long shots for winning the lottery, yet it would be an overthrow for them on the off chance that they did. The team’s future stays questionable, with Tobias Harris hitting free agency this summer and Jimmy Butler expected to do likewise. On the off chance that the Sixers supernaturally end up with the top pick, another way to building a title-battling team around youthful hotshots Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid would open up.